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Why Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools Have Become the World Leader

Though not a well-known fact, the Swimming Pool industry accepts that there are now more Vinyl Lined Swimming Pools in the world than any other combined group.
The main reason for this was formerly based on the price advantage offered by Vinyl. It has now become less of a motivating factor in the USA, and other parts of Europe, where the Vinyl Pool industry offers top of the range pools, complete with many luxury features. These pools compete on an equal base with other types of construction methods, i.e. gunite and fiberglass, and come out as clear winners.
The reasons for this are simple. For one, Vinyl is far superior in withstanding ground movement as it retains its flexibility. So much so that in certain areas where there is a tendency for movement of the earth, vinyl is the only pool system that is approved and allowed.
Vinyl is without doubt, the easiest pool finish to maintain. As it is color fast, it does not require repainting periodically, which would also entail emptying the pool.
As there are no imperfections in the vinyl finish, which could aid organic growth, a vinyl pool consumes less chemicals than other types of finishes, and thereby stays cleaner at less cost. The vinyl lining offers a far more comfortable surface underfoot, and does not become pitted, as in the instance of other finishes. This also reduces the wear on APC's (Automatic Pool Cleaners).
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